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1000 minutes or texts with Your O2 Numbers

We all have an inner circle of friends; the ones we talk to the most. These numbers are the ones that really count. So to help you keep in touch, we've come up with Your O2 Numbers for all Pay & Go customers.

What is Your O2 Numbers?

Simply choose the ten O2 numbers you love the most, and for £5 a month you'll get any mix of 1000 minutes or texts to your chosen ten friends. Find out more about Your O2 Numbers .

Set up Your O2 Numbers

It's simple, quick and there's even a handy option to help you find the numbers you call and text the most. Get started and pick who you love .

Manage Your O2 Numbers

Add new friends and maybe get rid of a few old ones. Start tinkering with Your O2 Numbers .

Who loves you?

You can see who has added you to their O2 numbers, as well as let your friends know that they are in your group. Find out who loves you .