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Your O2 Numbers Terms and Conditions

  1. Your O2 Numbers gives you 1000 units (where one unit equals one text or one minute), to call or text up to ten nominated O2 numbers (Pay & Go and Pay Monthly) every month for a £5 charge each month.
  2. To find out how to opt in to Your O2 Numbers visit, text TEN to 21300 and follow the instructions, or call 2425 free from your O2 mobile.
  3. A one-month minimum charge applies once you opt in to Your O2 Numbers. To opt out text TEN OFF to 21300, or call 2425 free from your O2 mobile at least 48 hours before the next Your O2 Numbers monthly charge is due to be deducted from your calltime balance.
  4. You can change Your O2 Numbers once every 30 days. You can do this by visiting, by texting SETUP to 21300, or by calling 2425 free from your O2 mobile (see point 8 for details).
  5. If you don't select your full entitlement of ten Your O2 Numbers, you will still be charged the full rate, but you can add to the empty fields by visiting or by calling 2425 free at any time.
  6. Calls and text messages to Your O2 Numbers must be made from within the UK in order to qualify for the Your O2 Numbers allowance. This means that calls made whilst you are roaming will not be part of Your O2 Numbers allowance.
  7. The ten numbers selected for Your O2 Numbers must be O2 UK (O2 UK and O2 Online) mobile numbers. They can be either O2 Pay & Go or O2 Pay Monthly numbers.
  8. If you are an O2 Pay & Go customer who has been active with O2 for over 30 days, O2 can identify the O2 numbers you call and text the most and set them up as your ten Your O2 Numbers automatically. This can be done by texting SETUP to 21300, or by visiting and selecting the ‘Find numbers' option. If you are a new customer of less than 30 days, O2 won't have enough information to choose your numbers for you. However, you can select your own Your O2 Numbers by visiting and following the simple setup process, or by calling 2425 free. You will need your numbers to hand if you call 2425 to setup. If you choose for O2 to pick your ten numbers for you, you can visit or call 2425 free to make changes as set out in point 4.
  9. You will hear a ‘Free call' message at the start of every call you make to a number in Your O2 Numbers group. If one of Your O2 Numbers is transferred to another network or disconnected, you will no longer be able to call or text that number as part of Your O2 Numbers allowance. However, you will be able to replace this number with another O2 number in accordance with point 4. You will hear a pre-call message to tell you that a disqualified number is no longer on the O2 Network.
  10. You can opt in or opt out of Your O2 Numbers at any time, but the minimum charge is £5 every 30 days and no refunds will be given.
  11. A maximum of one Your O2 Numbers Bolt On can be added to your mobile at any one time.
  12. Your mobile number may be nominated as part of someone else's Your O2 Numbers group at the other mobile owner's discretion. This cannot be changed by you or O2. You are not charged for belonging to someone else's Your O2 Numbers group and your number can belong to multiple Your O2 Numbers groups at any one time. You can check how many Your O2 Numbers groups you are in by logging onto If you do not wish to receive notification each time you are added to someone else's Your O2 Numbers group, simply text NO THANKS to 21300. Opting out of Your O2 Numbers notifications will only prevent further Your O2 Numbers notification text messages. It will not stop you receiving other O2 or personal text messages.
  13. All minutes and texts will be used up in your favour if you have other free allowances with your tariff or any other O2 Bolt Ons.
  14. Customers wanting to opt in to Your O2 Numbers must do so before 31 January 2008. O2 reserves the right to change this date, and will notify customers via
  15. General Bolt On terms and conditions apply. Visit for details.