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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the offer work?

For £5 a month you will receive 1000 units which can be used as minutes or texts. You can use these however you want. One text message is one unit, one minute is one unit. So for example, you could use these for 600 minutes and 400 texts or 500 minutes and 500 texts or 900 minutes and 100 texts. The choice is yours.

Who is the offer available to?

Your O2 Numbers is available to all O2 Pay & Go customers. Pay Monthly customers are not eligible for this offer.

How do I opt in?

You can send a free text to 21300 with the keyword TEN, call 2425 free from your mobile, see, or visit your local O2 store.

How do I opt out?

You can send a free text to 21300 with the keywords TEN OFF, call 2425 free from your mobile, see, or visit your local O2 store.

How do I add or change numbers?

If you have not filled in all ten numbers, you can add numbers at any point. You can change your numbers by calling 2425 free or by visiting

How often can I change my numbers?

You can change Your O2 Numbers once every 30 days.

How many numbers can I nominate?

You can nominate up to ten O2 numbers. These can be O2 Pay & Go or O2 Pay Monthly numbers.

What happens to the texts and minutes I get with my existing tariff and promotions?

You can have Your O2 Numbers in addition to any existing tariff, Bolt On or promotion. This means you'll still get any free minutes or texts you are currently entitled to.

How can I view my numbers?

Simply visit, call 2425 free from your mobile or send a free text with the keyword CHECK to 21300.

How can I see the balance of my minutes and texts?

Simply send a text with the keyword BALANCE to 20202 or call 4444 and select option 2, then option 2 again. These are free of charge from your mobile.

Is the offer restricted to peak or off-peak times?

No. You can use your minutes and texts to contact your nominated numbers at any time of the day or night.

Does my unused allowance carry forward to the next month?

No. The minutes and texts do not carry forward to the next month.

Can I opt out of someone else's group?

No. Your O2 Numbers allows the O2 customer to decide on the people they wish to nominate as the ten numbers in their group. This means that the person who sets up their Your O2 Numbers group is the only person who can opt you in or out of that group. If you want to stop receiving the promotional text messages telling you that you are in someone else's group, just send a free text with the keyword NO THANKS to 21300.

What if I don't top-up in time?

As long as you have £5 on your calltime balance then we can activate your next month's allowance. If you don't have enough credit then you will need to top-up to allow us to activate Your O2 Numbers group. The next top-up date becomes your new anniversary date.

What is my Your O2 Numbers anniversary date?

Your O2 Numbers anniversary date is when your next £5 payment is due to be deducted from your calltime credit. You can find out what your anniversary date is by calling 4444, selecting option 2 and then option 2 again, or by sending a free text with the keyword BALANCE to 20202.

How do I access areas of the website that are only for O2 or O2 Pay & Go customers?

Simply enter your mobile number on the site and we'll text you a unique code. Enter this code on the site to access Your O2 Numbers details. Remember you'll need to have your mobile switched on and with you to receive the code by text. You'll need to follow these simple steps each time you log on to the site. But you don't need to remember or save the code, we'll send you a new one each time you visit the site.

What do I do if my code isn't working?

The unique code we text to your mobile needs to be entered on the site where the ‘Code' box appears. If an error message pops up, try entering it again to make sure you've typed it correctly. You'll be able to re-try entering the same code up to five times. But if you've had the code for more than ten minutes, it will no longer be active and you'll need to request another code as before.

If you are still not able to log on, there may be a problem with the code itself. Please re-enter your mobile phone number and request another code. Once again, this will be sent to your handset by text message and you'll need to enter the code into the box as before. If this still doesn't work, you may need to opt in using one of the other methods listed under the ‘How do I opt in?' section above, or try again later.

What do I do if I didn't get a code?

Access to certain areas of the Your O2 Numbers site is restricted to O2 customers, and some areas are for O2 Pay & Go customers only. If you are an O2 customer and didn't receive a code by text message, please check you have entered the correct mobile phone number. Remember, you'll need this mobile with you and switched on to receive your code. If you have done this but still not received your code, please enter your mobile phone number again and request a second code.

I've only just joined O2, can I opt in to Your O2 Numbers?

Any O2 Pay & Go customers can opt into Your O2 Numbers. If you are a new customer of less than 30 days, we will not be able to help you select the O2 numbers you call and text the most. However, you can still visit to opt in and choose the numbers yourself, or call 2425 free from your mobile to make your selection. If you decide to choose the numbers on 2425, make sure you have the numbers to hand before calling as this will speed things up.

Once you've been with O2 for more than 30 days, we'll be able to help select the numbers if you want us to. Simply text SETUP to 21300 or visit and use the ‘Find numbers' option.

How are my minutes and texts used up?

If you have any other free allowance with your tariff or subscribe to any other O2 Bolt Ons then Your O2 Numbers allowance will be used first. However, if you have Favourite place or O2 Trio then these allowances will be used before Your O2 Numbers allowance.